Providing quality jewelry and service for more than 35 years.

“I contacted Gold Rush Jewelers to create a custom engagement ring made for my fiancé (now wife). Not only were they able to meet and exceed expectations with design, they offered a lot of helpful advice to guide me through the diamond selection process. I have now gone back for multiple items, including getting my watch repaired - love their service!”

~ Anthony Valentino, San Rafael

Tips and Tricks for Selling Gold

Tips and Tricks for Selling Gold

Selling gold can be intimidating and overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few tips and tricks and bits of pertinent info that can help you sell your gold with confidence and ease. Know what you have…

Wedding Ring Sizing

When a plain band needs to be enlarged slightly it is often possible to achieve this through mechanical stretching. The number and variety of tools made to achieve this give some indication of how common a repair this is! Stretching…

Gem Ring Enlargement

Rings with stones cannot be stretched on a mandrel because of the stress this puts on the stone. There is a danger of breaking the gem, or at least popping it out of its setting. When stones are involved, and…

Waterproofing Watches

Waterproofing Watches Most watches offered for sale today are water resistant, from 1 ATM to 30 ATM or more. But few people understand how and why their watches are water resistant, and what they should do to protect their watches….

Furnace Soldering – Brazing

The process Brazing is the process of joining metallic materials using a molten filler metal, drawn into the joint by capillary action. The filler metal is usually a solder paste and it is placed on the parts prior to heating….

Jewellery, Jewelery or Jewelry?

Jewellery, Jewelery or Jewelry? Confused about the spelling? You’re not the only one, ask anyone in an English speaking country to spell the word ‘Jewellery’ and you’ll get at least 3 different answers. The word has it origin from a…

Watch Battery Replacement – Why?

1. To maintain your watches warranty. If you’ve read the Manufacturer’s Replacement Battery Manual you will find that most warranties require you to send your watch out to an Authorized Dealer or repair center to prevent voiding the warranty. We…

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