Ear Piercing in Sonoma County & Marin County

Easy and Painless Ear Piercing Services

Ear piercing in Sonoma County.
At Gold Rush Jewelers, we use advanced FDA regulated ear piercing equipment called The Inverness Piercing system. Inverness has engineered a unique, medically-hygienic system that includes a fully-encapsulated, sterile, no-touch piercing earring and patented Safety Clutch™ that allows for safer healing and the gentlest ear piercing experience possible.

We have experienced and professional ear piercing specialists at each of our locations throughout Sonoma & Marin Counties providing ear piercing services in our Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Petaluma, Novato and San Rafael jewelry stores.

We include 14 karat gold stud earrings, complete with aftercare instructions complimentary with the purchase of an ear piercing. We will pierce children 5 years of age and older, for small children we recommend contacting a pediatrician. Call today to arrange an appointment with one of our experienced piercing specialists.

Ear piercing in Marin County.