Watch Batteries

Watch batteries contain the juice that makes many of our beloved timepieces function. In general, they tend to last from one to three years, though this can vary even more widely due to the watch itself: its age, how many functions it is expected to perform, and the quality of the battery. When a battery gets low, watches can start displaying all sorts of interesting (or not so interesting) behaviors: maybe your watch has stopped entirely, or is running slower and slower, perhaps it is taking the seconds three to five at a time, or the display has gotten dimmer; All of these are signs that your watch is not getting the power it needs and the most common reason for that is a drained battery.

watch-battery-replacementSuccessfully changing a watch battery involves training and practice. Parts can break if pressure is applied incorrectly or if parts are not lined up properly when opening and closing the watch. Some watches also have tiny screws and/or battery clamps that, if not treated properly and with care, can go flying and render the watch useless. There are also certain parts on the inside of the watch that must never be touched in order for the watch to continue functioning, and other parts that must be touched or shorted after the battery is inserted to get the watch to start again. Watches are unique and varied, but in over 35 years we have pretty much seen them all. Minimize the risks by letting us take care of your watch for you.

For five great reasons to bring your watch battery in for replacement, please see our watch battery replacement blog post.

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