Watch Repairs

Expert watch repairs for your new, vintage or antique watch

We know that every watch that comes into our shop has special meaning to its owner, and with each watch we repair our goal remains the same: To return your watch to the best possible mechanical condition. We want your watch to work like new, and our work is fully guaranteed. We love bringing a beautiful old watch back to life, and take great pride in restoring your “family heirloom” to excellent running condition.

Many watches are running, but have been neglected… drying out in a drawer or safe-deposit box for decades, accumulating dust and dirt which can grind away at the delicate jeweled mechanism of the watch. A typical mechanical watch “ticks” 18,000 times per hour. That’s 432,000 times every day! A little dirt or grit can act like abrasive sandpaper on the delicate parts of the watch under those conditions.

We often hear from customers who have been told by a local jeweler that their watch cannot be repaired because parts are no longer available. They are pleasantly surprised when we have the exact correct part to get their fine old watch running like new again. While we can’t get every old watch part, we maintain an extensive parts inventory, have access to remaining inventories of original parts, and make some parts from scratch when needed.

If your watch is not running, it is very important that it be put back into working condition while parts can still be located. We offer all levels of repair, from simple cleaning and adjustment to replacement of broken or worn parts, balance staffs, jewels, mainsprings, dials, and crystals.

In many cases, a watch can be put back in good running order with only a cleaning and lubrication.